Prop Trading Course

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I've been asked by hundreds of people over the last few years, if I would be able to coach or mentor them.

The reality was, that I just didn't have the time as I have been focused on trading.

In the last few months, my circumstances have changed and I've got some more free time on my hands...

And I feel that it's the perfect opportunity to create some free content on trading.

That means I'll be sharing:

  • How to trade with the orderbook​
  • How to use volume profle
  • Using market correlations to find an edge
  • Understanding how to trade the open
  • Using market sentiment
  • Spotting setups
  • When to enter
  • When to exit
  • Building your trading plan
  • Managing your trades
  • Managing your trading capital
  • Analysing your trading day
  • Creating a tracking sheet
  • Understanding how to trade important levels
  • The best time of day to trade
  • The best markets to trade
  • How to make profits from the news
  • Trading quirks in different exchanges to make consistent ticks each day
  • Which markets to avoid

And this is really just the beginning.

I'll be rolling out more and more content each and every month...

Free DOM Trading Course

And best of all, the course is free and you're invited to join today:​

I really didn't like the idea of selling a 'trading course', as this is really just information that is widely taught at prop shops all around the world. 

And the truth of the matter is that the information isn't really mine - it's been around for years.

So I just wanted to share this with as many people as possible so they can learn to trade the right way to begin with.

Learn to trade like a Prop Trader.

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Come and check out the community, watch some trading videos and start your journey...

I'm really excited to start helping other traders become profitable and achieve their goals.

Good luck in your trading.

Rowan Crosby

P.S.: If you like the videos please get in touch and let me know.